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Friday, November 18, 2005

Talking about the Boss

So let's start off by getting to the nitty-gritty. The place I work sucks and there are too many bosses -- at least petty fools who strut around thinking they're bosses. Most of them are just poorly paid workers who've grabbed on to the only feeling of power they have ever had and it's limited to a box full of resentful slaves who would rather be elsewhere. It's sad. It's enough to drive you to drink and after a long shift of tedium, pettiness and idiocy, a nice glass of absinthe helps break the mood. But that's not enough. Some how we've got to get to a better place. Somehow we've got to get beyond chasing a poor-assed pittance and making this a world that feeds our spirits and makes life worth living.

Once your trade was who you were. Not anymore. Our working class is a nomadic tribe going from good to bad jobs and back; from state to state and address to address . . . and What we "do" is not often what we're paid for. I spend most of my off time publishing poetry via Partisan Press and the Blue Collar Review and it takes a LOT of time and energy. I'm wondering what sustains others out there.


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