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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another day and more needlessly murdered and maimed by Bush. Here is what war is. There can hardly be a justifiable reason for it and there isn't one for what Bush has done.

The news is focused the nomination of Samuel Alito to the supreme court. An ideologue with a long record of opposing anything related to civil rights and of supporting the filthiest right wing/corporate agendas of our worst leaders. There will be strong oppostion voiced but it is likely that enough opportunist Dumbascraps will support his nomination.

One has to wonder how much it will take to awaken enough of us to root out this lousy scam of a system like a bad tooth. We can do a better, a lot better without a corrupt rip-off militarist corporate dictatorship standing on our throats. Sure as they are listening to your phone conversations, tracing your internet path and checking your mail, their henchmen (and hanchwomen) will read this rant. I don't care. We need to speak and act out. We need to become ungovernable. If enough of us are doing it, others will join. What choice do they leave us but to organize and struggle for something better. That something is working class democracy.


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