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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bush Condemns Violence

George Bush, in a now exercise of hypocrisy, has condemned the use of violence to achieve politial goals. In this case, he has supported Israel's refusal to deal with the elected palestinian Hamas leadership. As if there was anyone else to talk to about peace!

The irony of it all is that, just as the CIA created al Queda, Hamas was a creation of Mossad, Israel's spy organization. They created Hamas to undermine support for the more secular Fatah/PLO. After many attacks, oppression, lockdowns, asassinations, housing demolitions . . . and refusal to deal with the PLO in spite of many overtures toward peace, the Palestinians have democratically elected Hamas leaders.

The U.S., especially under Bush's leadership, has supported an escalation of violence by Israel against the Palestinians as well as it's (and our) refusal to deal with the only legitimate representatives of Palestine. There isn't much hoopla in our corporate press about "Democracy in the Middle-East" when Palestinians exercise their franchise -- which they have done before, only condemnation.

Peace anywhere is based on justice. Peace canot be achieved without communication between legitimate representatives of the opposing parties. Bush and the U.S are the real power there and, based on our economic underwriting of Israel, can dictate the outcome. The real terrorist, the real vortex of violence as a strategy, is Bush.


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