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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Shutting the Monster Down

The holiday is yesterday and the horror of cyclical violence and idiotic unnecessary war continue. So do our marches and vigils but to what end when an our commercial media are run the the same cynical corporate junta that doesn't give a damn what we do or what we think and knows the majority of enslaved citizen/consumer/employees are too busy stuffing themselves with fast food and sitcoms to even notice. Cindy Sheehan is right to express exasperation but there aren't yet enough of us to block the streets and those that did would be arrested without much coverage or support. So what is to be done?

I don't know but I think a National Strike is one of the best ideas. Not the kind of pickett walking strike that they can unleash the goons on -- we're mostly too lazy and afraid for that to work anyway though some of that would be OK too. I mean a stay at home strike. A don't buy anything but the absolute necessities strike. A don't go to work strike. A don't buy gas strike. Maybe even a don't pay bills strike. How long would it last? I think a week or two so would get there attention along with the treat of a much longer effort. After that, shut it down and see how long it takes. As Joe Hill said:

If we workers take a notion,
We can stop all speeding trains
Every ship upon the ocean
We can tie with mighty chains
Every wheel in every factory
Every mine and every mill
Mighty armies of all nations
Will at our command stand still

They forget -- we can remind them.

All strikes to be of any use need demands. I can think of a few:

1. Bring all troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and close all the torture gulags.

2. This administration and all complicit in support of it must step down, including those in power in the media as well as in government.

3 Formation of a special committee to investigate crimes against the nation and against humanity.

4 New elections within 3 months by paper ballot for new leaders with no restrictions for independent candidates and equal on air coverage for all candidates.

Something to think about anyway . . .


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