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Friday, January 20, 2006

Turning on the Light

It has happened gradually, just as it did in Germany, but we are now at the Threshold of Dictatorship where our leader has unlimited powers. Where Privacy is not a recognized right and the government knows that you are here reading this.

Welcome to the new American Empire citizen, Your either goose-stepping with them or your in the underground against 'em. And don't think we can organize and vote the bastards out because the fix is in.

We are at the threshold looking at a dark future but we needn't enter that place like sheep to the slaughter. We need to turn on the light and expose the tyranny before it engulfs us. It will take a massive concerted effort to keep our constitution as more than a quaint relic. As the wingnuts say, democracy isn't free. We have to defend it right here and right now.


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