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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Allegory of Death by Capitalist Industrialism

The Biggest, and most ignored story in the history of our species continues to get more dramatic as scientists discover that nature's built-in feedback loops make projected scenarios for the results of global warming much worse than previously thought. There are efforts under way to use technology to reduce carbon levels in the atomsphere. Technology will not prevent the impending disaster but may shorten its duration -- if it can be sustained on a large enough level for several generations. It will take technology to save us but that isn't enough. A system based on private ownership for the accumulation of wealth cannot address this crisis and in fact, will collapse because of it. We need to build a system of international cooperation and public ownership if we are to make the needed adaptations as a society and as a species. As evolution demonstrates, adaptability is the key to survival. In the absence of that long shot, it seems we are witnessing the allegory of our foolish demise. It makes a fine moralistc tale but, one has to wonder, for whose eyes?

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At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was forwarded to my fellow Gaiians on googlegroups list-serve--I suspect your essay will speak to many of them--"the key to survival is adaptability"--well, us
progressive "working stiffs" qualify for that mantra--adapting to change is what we do best!


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