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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A Burning Faith

Though we as a society and as a species are plagued by the effects of religion, not all of it is necessarily bad. Here in the U.S., the proto-fascists use Christian fundimentalism to build a strong base on ignorance, emotion, and intolerance. There is another side to Christianity however and the Poet/activist Mary McAnally seeks to claim it for progressives in her new book, "Cosmic Rainbow." Even though I am an athiest from a Jewish background, I find this book very moving and a powerful tool in moving others toward the sanity that can save us. There is far more to this collection than religious reference in that the author has been in the crux of the struggle for social justice from South Africa to Central America and on the frontlines of feminist, anti-racist and peace activism for many years. I was glad to be able to publish this collection and I think it is a vital weapon in the effort to deprogram the "faith based" folk and create instead, a progressive consciousness.


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