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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Capitalism or Survival?

Someone Gets it. The difficult to face reality is that only the defeat of the global market scam of capitalism will save this civilization and possibly our species. Under capitalism, wealth is power and the greatest power today are global corporations. Nations serve their needs and governments are tools for their enrichment. Corporations can only act in the interest of their own competitive survival. They are subject to the internal rules of the market.

The devastating climactic changes we are facing cannot be addressed within that framework. Some say we must move to local public ownership. That may be true in some areas but it is insufficient unless our only option is limited to feudal walled city-states. If this civilization is to contiue AT ALL, we need to move rapidly to large scale public ownership. Only on a large scale can adequate hydrogen, coal, or other energy sources be made available. Only on a large scale can we maintian the connections vital to our survival via rail and shipping. Only through public ownership can the interests of civilized humanity be served in the brave and hotter new world we have created. Capitalism has indeed buried itself, will we allow it to bury us with it? As Fidel Castro has said, "There is nothing this system has to offer humanity." It has served it's historical role but it's time to move on if we are not to become another layer in the fossil record.


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