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Monday, February 27, 2006


The news today is that Hamas has declared it's willingness to recognize and negotiate with Israel. It has set out conditions for this to happen which will no-doubt be attacked as extreme in the Zionist and U.S. corporate press. Those conditions, in accordance with UN resolutions and international law are the withdrawl of Israel from territories occupied illegally since 1967, the recognition of a Palestinian state, and the "right of return" of Palestinians pushed from their ancestral homes in Israel. The last right is something Israel grants Jews from anywhere in the world who want to move to Israel but not to the people who were native to the area prior to 1948.

As for honoring agreements of the past, the pressure is on Palestinians to do so while Israel regularly disregards any agreements it chooses to, including recognition of elected Palestinian leadership. All this while consistently undermining the possibility of a Palestinian state, expanding Israeli settlements into the West Bank and dividing it up with Apartheid style "Jewish only" roads and checkpoints that further imprison Palestians in a series of small seperate bantustans.

Why are Isreal's abuses of law and human rights presented as reasonable and Palestinian wishes presented as extreme? Because ultimately Zionism is a form of racism/nationalism that the US backs for its own purposes. Without that backing, it couldn't continue.


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