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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Centrality of Class

There is a synchronicity of events that I haven't seen connected in the lamestream press but for those who slave to the punchclock it may be obvious. The major demonstrations in France and across the U.S. have something basic in common. While one is about corporate backed "labor reform" in France and the other is about immigration policy in the U.S. they are actually both about maintaining a low-wage disposable workforce. It seems that the class struggle remains on the front burner as corporations tighten their grip. What many of us need to be more aware of is that the conditions of all who work are initmately connected. All of us are on the chopping block if we have to compete for the lowest wage and the least security. We could easily solve the immigration problem by instituting international wage continuity so that workers anywhere are paid the same wage for the same work. Of course the corporate run governments would balk at this idea.

Our common interests are diametrically opposed to the profit seeking interests of the corporate system. They have the governments and armies but as those who do the work, we have the ultimate power -- but only in our unity. Not only is our ability to make a living at stake, but our freedom and even the survivabilty of the species. It's All of us or None if we are to have a better world or even a future worth living for.


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