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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Corprate Lies vs Working Class Culture

Cutting through the lies presented by the media is vital in preventing a future that looks like the past as historian Howard Zinn points our so eloquently. Our corporate oligarchy promotes a culture based on nationalism, ignorance, racism, a denial of class and a worship of militarism and wealth. They do this knowing that we act out of our culture. It defines our identity and our motivations. If we buy into that version of culture then we will march off to the slaughter on cue, we will show up to work on time and we will not make any waves that challenge their control, but, there is another culture out there.
We in the working class have our own cultural history and shared values; values of community, of sacrifice, of struggle against the tyranny of the workplace. A good example of continuing working class culture is the Blue Collar Review. If we are to reclaim our culture from those who would impose a twisted and deadly corporate version, we need to support and participate in these efforts.


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