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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Class Loyalties Revealed as Primary

If our neocon junta is good at anything it is exemplary in making enemies and alienating friends. Because of them, the world is a much more dangerous place. Their use of nationalism and fear is remeniscent of other totalitarian dictatorships but it is a sham. One illustration of this is that the Repugs on the so-called Homeland Security Committee have blocked a bill that would have mandated 100 percent scanning of American-bound shipping containers.

Living in a port city that is also one of the largest military centers and storage facilities for our own WMDs, I am acutely aware of living in a target zone. If I was a terrorist, I would certainly consider obtaining an old soviet nuke on the black market and putting it in a shipping container headed for -- right here! That the repugs would block the mandated scanning of all containers illustrates their true loyalty to corporate interests and their disloyalty to the nation. That is unfortunately true of most Democrats as well. Nationalism and patriotism are merely tools to whip up support for their vile policies or soldiers to carry them out. The ruling class is loyal only to their vested class interests.

Class loyalty is not only for the corporate elite and their syncophants.
Our own loyalty as working poeple must be to each other regardless of borders or nationality. We should not fall for the old con of nationalism stoked with fear. We need to recognize that our enemy is among us and they wear ties, not kafiyes. We need to recognize that our nation has been hijacked by corporations with no national loyalty and they are endangering us all weather through their wars, destruction of the environment or their cynical policies that enslave us in the workplace pitting us against each other while turning necessities like medicine and shelter into expensive commodities and whole nations into "cheap labor zones."

We need to recognize that the Democrats are part of the problem and not the answer. I know the liberals among you will have a hard time accepting this but it's true as they are owned by the same corporations as the Repugs. There are nascient alternatives like the Working Families Party, The Labor Party, the Communist Party, The Green Party and a few others and we need to form a national coalition that can represent a People's Agenda and the build the popular support needed to take our country back.


At 1:51 PM, Blogger Klement said...

"We need to recognize that our enemy is among us and they wear ties, not kafiyes."

Absolutely right! That is a clear, incisive comment. The sad truth is that the bourgeoisie is the only class conscious group in this country.

At 6:11 PM, Blogger Partisanpoet said...

Many workers are more class conscious than you think though they/we feel powerless without organization. It is the more educated sector with delusions of "middle class" who are rotten with bourgoise idiology and crippled with cynicism.


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