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Monday, May 29, 2006

Beyond Faith-based Politics

Though it is still a couple of years from the next presidental selection, there is already much speculation concerning possible candidates. While I would like to see some fighting progressives in the race like Dennis Kucinich, Cynthia McKinney, Gore Vidal, or Jim Hightower, it won't happen. Even a Feingold run is unlikely. While most of us hate the Republicans and everything they stand for we should not delude ourselves about the Democrats, after all, it too is infested with neocons. After the puppet show is over, the DLC decides who the dems will run and you can bet they will not be the candidates of the anti-war, pro-impeachment left.

Unless we demand and support a progressive candidate or employ the leverage of a progressive alternative, we might as well put our trust in the influence of extraterrestials. As a reality based citizen with no reason to trust the republocrat/neocon corporate oligarchy, I have little confidence that we can see any real progress in playing their good-cop/bad cop shell game. It's time to think and act out of that small box.

This Memorial Day is a good time to look inward and ask who we have become as a nation. We cannot undo the damage. It will take creativity and militant dedication to get this nation on a different track but what choice do we have? It's time to shed any illusions about this corrupt, vile greed based system and move forward, otherwise the fossil record will be a testiment to our failure.


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