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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Bush Declares WW III

That's right, the occupation of Iraq and the War against a Tactic is now a World War. Is that the neocon junta against the rest of the world? As a delusional sociopath puppet of a psychopatic neocon cabal, Bush would like nothing better than a world engulfed in war. That's why he would like to drop a nuclear weapon on Iran. His hopes for maintaining power and creating a Pax Americana (Reich) to last a thousand years however, are failing before they start as his administration takes on water and the rats abandon ship. While their plans for Iran are opposed by China and Russia ,making aggression more difficult, their history and the absence of a real opposition party in the US, keep the situation very serious. If our own country can't reign in an out of control leadership than the civilized world needs to take action to do so.


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