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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Identifying the Enemy

In spite of overtures to open dialogue by Iran, the Neocons are committed to a policy of aggression that is already underway. Before the demonizing escalates we should remember the words of Engels uttered in the break-up of the 2nd International leading up to WW I that the primary enemy of working people in any nation is not the workers of other countries but its own ruling class. This is especially true in our corporate paradise and if you don't yet know it, they do, which is why they listen in on our phone calls and collect as much information on us as they can. There is no segment as class conscious as the corporate ruling class and while they have their differences in approach, what they agree on is total control over us. They already try to run our lives via the workplace but that isn't enough.

Bush's pick of Gen. Hayden, former NSA chief who along with Negroponte has been involved in training and supporting terrorism and deathsquad activity globally as well as suppression of domestic dissent for decades marks a dangerous escalation of the National Security State putting everything in place for a brutal dictatorship. The Neocon agenda of War without end is not just aimed at other countries but is a domestic agenda as well and to them, we are as much an enemy as al-qaeda.

We as a class have no choice but to resist


At 12:02 PM, Blogger christopher cunningham said...

we love Dear Leader. his friends only want what is best for us. all hail! the coming Pax Americana...

sheer fucking madness. and you are right poet: we are as much an enemy as "they" are...

At 3:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm personally proud that they consider me an enemy. If they didn't I'd be doing something wrong.


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