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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Progress & Regress

It's always good to see some truth uttered in public, especially where it hurts the ruling class and their lackeys the most. Here's a good commentary on the recent skewering of the neocon's and their media lapdogs by Colbert on C-span.

Reality based (and abased) comedy aside, it seems as we move deeper into barbarism the call from bourgoise pundits like Shelby Steele (who as a Black American should know better) is for even more brutal barbarity. As we wade backwards from civilization to barbarism it gives one hope that South America is moving forward. Even as Bolivia, Venezuela and other nations south of our border advance toward independence from the dictat of the North, Hispanics that come here to escape the results of our plundering of their countries are bringing with them, the progressive class consciousness that has been all but buried in our corporate paradise. That is what the corporate oligarchy is really afraid of.


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