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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Taking On Inconvenient Truths

In their discussion of Al Gore's new documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, the wingnuts at Fox news have cut to the chase, with the accusation that addressing global warming, even in the inadequate ways Gore suggests, would endanger the economy and be "a real recipe for more socialist regulation."

They are right and have hit on one of the ultimate truths. Only by moving from a market system of competitive greed that requires environmental destruction to feed ever increasing profits can we address the environmental realities that system has created. While socialism is no guarantee that we will do that, it is a necessary requirement. In essence, by voicing their greatest fears, thay have admitted that the system they shill for will destroy itself, civilization, and possibly our species and that socialism is the only alternative.

While the corporate media desperately compares a sensible Gore to Goebbles, they continue to push the Goebbles line of total war, total loyalty, demonization of "liberal media" and unrealistic opportunism in the face of defeat. The latest Inconvenenient Truth is that Iran is more than willing to talk to us about their nuclear program. This throws a wrench in the Cheny/Bush total war agenda. At present they continue to demonize Iran and portray them as obstinately trying to develop nuclear weapons -- a charge they deny but the world knows the truth and the pressure is on for a negotiated settlement of the issue. Other Inconvenient Truths are leaking out that give lie to everything this administration says. I'd compare this administration's situation to the Titanic but, thanks to Colbert, we know it's more like the Hindenberg.


At 1:11 AM, Blogger christopher cunningham said...

here is a funny graphic on one of the wingnut's soldiers who is out there comparing Gore to Goebbels.

it is amazing that these fucks will HASTEN THEIR OWN SORRY DEMISE by continuing to cling desperately to the party line, will ruin the earth for THEIR OWN GODDAMNED CHILDREN. sheer insanity to put the fight for The Precious above the fight to LIVE.

sickening. and folks always miss the 'inconvenient truth' that the end goal of capitalism is MONOPOLY and COMPLETE OBLITERATION OF COMPETITION for the sake of profit.

not a fair market system that enables all to participate, but a winner and a lot of losers.


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