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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Complicity or Resistance - What is to be Done?

A Muggy day here but peaceful. Neighbors fly flags from their porches and the news pumps up our connection with Israel and the importance of their defense as congress stands nearly unanimous in support of their attack on Lebanon with only 8 standing against. Meanwhile Condoleeza Rice calls the destruction of infrastructure and the murder of Lebanese a new birth, and Bush rushes more Bombs for little Israeli girls to sign before they are dropped on little Lebanese children in the path of Israel's ethnic cleansing land grab.

The US is once again directly complicit in terrorism, ethnic cleansing and mass murder. It continues to create a world of enemies who see the U.S as the greatest threat to global peace and security. As citizens of the most powerful renegade nation in history, we have a duty. Either we revel in the gore and goose-step to destruction or we shut it down -- by any means necessary. It's time for a real war on terror at it's root. It's time for American citizens to take responsibility if it makes our own nation ungovernable. This bloody reign of terror must be brought to an end!


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