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Saturday, August 19, 2006

As the Worm Turns

Though I have not posted to this blog in several weeks, I have been busy in the real world. I recently participated in a rally and march at the White House in support of Lebanese and Palestinians and against the US support and manipulation of Israel. This was not an action in support of any one group such as Hezbollah, but against the violence, racism and mass murder being inficted on the Arab world by our involvement and by our support of Israel. I am glad to say that I saw other disenchanted Jews marching with Palestinians, Muslims and others of conscience.

I am also working on the next issue of Blue Collar Review. This is my main focus and it is something I have been doing for 10 years. It is my contribution to reclaiming a sane and progressive culture and I'm happy to say that it has a loyal and growing following.

The news has been so terrible that I have to take breaks from it to maintain a semblance of sanity, but there are some good things happening as well. Recently, twentyone generals and high level national security officials have condemned the Cheney/Bush doctrine and demanded diplomacy instead of brute militarism in their dealings with the world. There is a growing recognition that the problems we face in the world, many resulting from a backlash against the short-sighted imperialist policies of the past, cannot be solved with military force. Israel is figuring it out as their mass murder and destruction have only strengthened Hezbollah and made them more islolated and less secure. Now Egypt is joining the chorus in warning the US against attacks on Iran. It seems all this administration's failures are blowing up in it's face. The neocon fantasy of recolonizing the Middle East is running up on the rocks of reality: The libel aimed at Iran is being rejected, the attempt to pull Syria into Lebanon as an excuse to topple the Assad regime is being rejected, Israel has lost much support, even among its most staunch allies, and Iraq is spinning into an ever more nightmarish civil war.

It's time for regime change on the home front and, as the defeat of the neocon syncophant Leiberman shows, the American people have had it with their bloody blunders. Their lies and fear tactics are increasingly being seen for what they are. It's time to take back our hijacked nation from the terrorist Cheny/Bush cabal -- let's roll!


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