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Friday, October 27, 2006

Of October Suprises & November Realities

We are moving toward the exciting windup of an election that promises the empty hope of Democrats winning a narrow majority of Congressional seats. As the editorial in Swan's Commentary points out, "With US midterm elections nearing, the Democrats are salivating with hopes of capturing both the House and the Senate. Toward that end they've fielded strong candidates that reflect the values of the party and its dominant force, the Democratic Leadership Council. Take Rep. Harold Ford, Jr., a DLC New Democrat and member of the Blue Dog Coalition who is campaigning in Tennessee for the Senate seat being vacated by the retiring Republican Majority Leader Bill Frist: Ford is a hawk on foreign policy and immigration; he is anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, and pro-guns; he supported the Terri Schiavo intervention and favors a flag-burning amendment to the Constitution and the abolition of the estate tax... Of course he voted for the Military Commission Act of 2006. Ironically, he is rated as a "liberal moderate" -- Welcome to the New Democrats of USA, Inc."

Never the less, we must remember that in the Will to Power mentality of the extremists in the Whitehouse, they will do anything that they feel will keep them in power. This brings us to the danger at hand. In an attempt at provocation they have sceduled Naval War Games off the coast of Iran to begin on October 31st. Just in time for an attack we must respond to with another Gulf of Tonkin"resolution justifying war before the election.


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