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Monday, December 11, 2006

The Nightmare of Iraq Worsens Hourly

With very few exceptions, those in Congress are not supporting withdrawl from Iraq. Some talk of time tables, others of better management, meanwhile the nightmare this administration has created worsens by the hour. It is beyond face saving fixes. We must demand a complete withdrawl within 30 days. It cannot become any more chaotic than it is already. When the melee settles down, we must offer the financial assistance Iraqis need to rebuild. We must also remove the present leadership in Washington. Only that can give us any credibility. Only that can change the present course. Ultimately, what happens in Iraq is up to Iraqis and ultimately what happens here is up to all of us. Enough of the sham of bipartisan opportunist bickering, if we are going to reclaim some semblance of democracy, let's take it to the streets!


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