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Friday, February 23, 2007

Fleeing Rats Signal Neocon Demise

While the neocons build up to attacking Iran it seems the more traditional Repugs are in revolt. In the video below, Sen Ron Paul, a Texas Repug attacks the neocon agneda as radically out of step with "conservative values." His attempt to paint the "left" as responsible for every war from Vietnam to Kosovo is ludicrous but then, Clinton and LBJ are considered "left" to him. They were anything but. Clinton espcially was a corporate conservative much like barry Goldwater. When it comes to making war, both heads of the Corporate Party are ususally in agreement, nevertheless, Sen. Paul in indicative of a revolt from the failures of the disasterous neocon debacle.


At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Nix said...

How many Repugs will have the spine to break from BUSHCO? What Sen Ron Paul said was real "nice", but when he starts putting his vote with the far-left/anti-war folks we'll see how far he goes from the party line. (far-left/anti-war that tripe is laughable what is it like 67% of the country wants the troops home now?)


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