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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Posturing or Paying Attention

With selection season nearing, canididates from Obama to Biden are voicing plans for Iraq and to end the occupation, or at least alter how it is being waged. Senater John Warner wants to sacrifice a lower number of troops, as does Barak Obama. Biden is calling for a divided Iraq along ethnic lines repeating the misguided and historically ignorant view that "Iraqis have been fighting each other for a thousand years" when in reality, they have lived together just fine much of the time. Unfortunately no one is actually listening to the Iraqis. Suprisingly, the puppet government we set up may be beginning to cut it's strings and taking the intiative to begin negotiating with it's neighbors. The very neighbors that the neocons will only threaten but refuse to actually talk with.

Iran shares a border with Iraq and has been attacked by it with US direction. It has a vested interest in security and peace. The neocons on the other hand want the mostly untapped oil fields of Iraq and prefer chaos and war to relinquishing control of that oil. Rather than wind down what appears to be a bloody debacle, the neocon junta fully intends to attack Iran and widen the conflict. They must be stopped. While US pundits and careerist politicians are all blaming Iraqis as ungrateful barbarians intent on civil war, the real culprits who have manipulated both sides, trained death squads and fomented hatreds are in Washington. The only obstacle to peace in the region is this criminal administration and they must be removed from power by any means necessary before they unleash more death and destruction.


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