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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pre-emptive Dethroning in the Public Interest

Ralph Nader is at it again. Being an American hero, that is. Nader is threatening another presidential run if the Democrats select Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, or another shallow corporate politician as their candidate in '07. Since 2000 the DLC has promulgated the lie that Nader is a "spoiler" and blamed Bush's ascendency on him. This is bunk and dangerous bunk at that. The 2000 election is a well documented theft. In spite of mis-cast (Jews for Buchannon) and stolen votes, in spite of thousands denied the vote and inspite of Nader, Gore had more votes (but less balls). If you buy the DLC spoiler line then not only do you demonize Nader for providing an alternative, you demonize any possibility of alternatives. You condemn yourself and the rest of us to having to support coporate shills pre-selected by Dem/Repug kingmakers and you disempower yourself. Those who take that track lack what Nader has. He has political saavy. In making his threat to run, he is using Dems fear against them to try to force them to put forth a candidate with integrity, a candidate not for sale or already owned by corporate interests, a candidate with a popular agenda and a track record of standing up to the forces that are destroying our nation and world. He is continuing to be a watchdog for the public interests, So far the only candidate that meets those requirements is Dennis Kucinich. If your don't want Nader to run, maybe you should consider Dennis. Let's hope the dems pay attention becuase candidates like Hillary Clinton make many of us want to Ralph.


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