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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The Raw Deal

The Repug agenda has always been about undoing the "New Deal," the "Great Society" and any other social services it is ideologically opposed to; SSI, Medicare, Medicaid, Public education, in fact, public anything. Generally they do their damage by blowing the budget so that "painful cuts have to be made" to balance the budget. The Dimascraps will make the cuts to be fiscally responsible and the the Repugs come back and do it again. The neocons have added "War Without End" as the ultimate budget bomb and now, the punch line, glut the pentagon and screw us:

– “$77 billion in funding cuts for Medicare and Medicaid over the next five years, and $280 billion over the next 10.”

– $223 million in funding cuts (4 percent decrease from this year’s levels) to the Children’s Health Insurance Program.

– “$4.9 billion, or 8 percent, cut in education, training, employment and social services” grants.

– $100 million cut for Head Start, which provides child development services to economically disadvantaged children and families.

– “$2.4 billion cut in community and regional development grants — which often provide funding for low- and middle-income communities — to $16.5 billion from $18.9 billion.

– $400 million — 18 percent — cut in the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program, “which provides $2.2 billion to help people pay heating bills this year.”

– $172 million — nearly 25 percent — cut in funding for housing for low-income seniors.

This insane attempt to shift money from us to the Pentagon and Halliburton is a turkey that won't fly. It shows clearly that to these thugs, working Americans are the enemy too.


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