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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Bursting Bubble

Many of us have known that the US economy was a house of cards built on delusion with its productive foundation severly eroded. As trade deficits have grown and production exported it has come to rely on the illusions of real estate and investment as a basis for growth. If it seems to you that things are getting more expensive, that is because the value of the dollar is in steady decline. With it too, our country and our standard of living. What they aren't telling us is that we are on the brink of economic collapse as the deficit booms and the housing bubble bursts. The coming depression will be an all but inescapable sandtrap created by shortsighted greed as the ruling class has, like a voracious addict, been unable to curb it's appetite in the transfer of wealth from us to them. The only choices we will have are, to live in the dystopia of hopeless poverty or to organize and rebuild our country on a cooperative basis from the bottom up. Most of those who presently oppose that, preferring to worship the idolitry of the free market will have changed their tune. The few remaing wealthy will be seen for who they are.


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