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Thursday, April 05, 2007

From Economic Apartheid to Freedom

Our shakey economy continues to rattle nerves and as the cost of living, gas prices and property assesments continue to rise at the same time salaries are stagnant, as they rise, so does our debt. The debt crisis and the upward flow of money is widening the class divide to levels not seen since early in the last century. The result is that working class complacency is fading. As economic apartheid becomes more and more an obvious reality, the crisis may finally awaken the sleeping dragon of class rebellion. Let gas go much above $3.00 a gallon with the subsequent rise in the cost of living or let there be a crisis in agriculture and food availabilitiy and change may occur quickly. Corporate leaders learned that the hard way during the great depression making concessions and creating unemployment compensation, SSI, and public works programs. How they forget why! The trumped up nationalism of unjustifiable wars will not sustain this rotten scam of a system indefinitely. It is up to those of us who are already politically active to build institutions to lead the inevitable struggle from crisis to sustainable working class democracy. Some already exist but we must all work together to build the future America in the shadow of the decaying present.


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