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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hokie Journalism and Complicity

While the nonstop media circus continues of repeat the same loops and obsessive blather around the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech last week, the murderous barbarity in Iraq continues and escalates. The disturbed murderer in the Tech shootings is immune to prosecution because he is dead, and while soldiers who went on a killing spree in Haditha are granted immunity for political reasons the orchestrators of the murderous rampage that is the invasion and occupation of Iraq can and must be brought to justice. Some say comparing the two situations is wrong but it is really a matter of scale and accountability. Though one person's insanity lead to the Virginia Tech killings and is a tragedy that cannot be easily predicted or prevented, nor the perpetrator punished, the insanity of mass murder in Iraq perpetrated in a pre-meditated manner, could have been prevented had the corporate media not been complicit in promoting it and quashing objections and had Congress been less opportunistic and more responsible. This continues to be true. While Articles of Impeachment have been presented by Dennis Kucinich with much public support and endorsement, the corporate media ignores and belittles the possibility of bringing to justice the criminal neocon gang. Instead of the endless repetitive feasting like wolves on the tragedy of the Tech murders, a responsible media would be that focused on the criminality of the Bush Administration and its continuing crimes. Instead they choose complicity.


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