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Sunday, July 08, 2007

An End and a Beginning.

If you want to judge which way the wind is blowing, you hold your finger to the wind. That's why I read the New York Times. The Times sets the line of the day by which all bourgoise papers adhere. Two editorials in the NYT point to the end of this horrific, criminal misadministration. The first, Profile in Cowardice makes clear Bush's weaknesses and culpability and plainly states that this is yesterday's emperor unclad. It represents. along with Olberman's call for a resignation, the beginning of the end of this administration and certainly, the end of any credibility on the part of it.

The second NYT editorial, The Road Home echoes calls from Generals and Senators including those in the Repug wing to end the criminal debacle in Iraq. This bodes well for the future and for the improbablity of an attack on Iran. Even if this heralds the end of our brutal occupation, it would be only the beginning of a new era in which much is owed and much must be addressed. Until we bring the criminals responsible to justice, alter our foreign policy in a way that ceases the creation of enemies and make serious reparations to the vicitims of crimes of historical proportions, we will face the wrath and rejection of the global community. As Martin Luther King said, "let justice roll like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream."


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