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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Peace Pilgrimage

Some friends and dedicated Comrades are making their way to Iran for a People's Peace Delegation. I will be publishing their postings of progress here as I get them. Though I have expressd my doubts and mixed emotions about such a trip, I have to say that I respect the commitment and the bravery of these peace pilgrims --

The flight to London (where we are layed over) uneventful with exception of one of our parties luggage was inadvertently checked/routed to Tel Aviv of all places.

We are hoping the airlines can 'intercept' the baggage before it travels to Israel or it is likely it won't be delivered to us in Iran.

The airline check in had a few twists - in that they had to insure the woman (Tyla Matteson) traveling with us had a head scarf or else it would have been likely she would have been turned away at the airport.

Truly looking forward to this adventure. Our first stop in Iran are the noon prayers at the University of Tehran. Then later that day we fly into Shiraz for more touring and sight seeing.

FYI the people on the delegation are:

Geoff Millard, Iraq Veteran Against the War (and a correspondent for Truthout.Org)

Phil Wilayto, Richmond Defender and VAWN,

Tyla Matteson, VAWN and Sierra Club Activist

Art Marburg, long time Leftie and Activist from Milwauee

And yours truly.

Tom Palumbo, Veteran for Peace


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