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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Conspiracy Thinking vs Rationality

At the risk of being considered a blasphemer or a sellout, (actually I am a blasphemer) I want to address conspiracy thinking. With a secretive adminstration of thugs who will stop at nothing, it is easy for us to fall into the mire of conspiracy thinking -- and cospiracies do exist, but most are not that hard to see through. The major focus of conspiracy thinking is the attack of September 11th. I too have given this much thought and examination and the physical evidence rules against an inside job. I think we who revere rationality and science must consider that beyond our wishes and projections. On the other hand, that does not let this administration off the hook or say that anything they aver is worthy of acceptance. I believe there is passive complicity at the highest levels. They had a detailed information of all but the date from both inside the government and abroad. That they decided it was more beneficial to their nefarious plans to let it happen makes them as guilty as the planners and hijackers. And they are guilty.

The problem with conspiracy thinking is that it delegitimazes us when we are right and makes us look like nutcases. I have found that once people buy into one major conspiracy they logically follow it to others and before long are so wound up in unprovable and often nutty theories that they become irrational, paranoid, and distracted from the real and more obvious issues which are bizarre enough.

As for 9/11: It's time we settle on complicity, demand a thorough independent investigation of that, and move on to other provable crimes that these monsters must be punished for -- there are plenty of them in the rational world.


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