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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On or Off -- War with Iran?

We keep hearing the drumbeat for war against Iran but deadlines pass and nothing happens. Personally I think that it won't happen -- not that Cheney and Bush wouldn't love to unleash an expansion of their megacrime. What's Obstructing War on Iran? To begin with, they aren't an easy victim. Iran is armed to the teeth and has many allies including China and Russia. Not only is our military broken but the cost of the debacle in Iraq is leaving us all but broke. The military knows the odds, the cost, and the likely results and may not be willing to follow orders. It is possible that the neocons will attack Iran before leaving office to assure the continuation of their delusionary middle east strategy but if Clinton of Obama are the Dim candidates they know that won't be necessary. I could be wrong but I don't think an attack on Iran will happen -- at least not directly.


At 9:45 PM, Blogger Connecticut Man 1 said...

One of the biggest reasons we can't go to war is seen in Iraq, a country that has five times less fighting age men than Iran does. Just imagine how bad it would be taking on Iran if we can't even contain the "human resources" of Iraq?

Even bombing Iran is not an option, because they would just bomb Iraq and Afghanistan to attack our soldiers on the ground there. And even worse, if the US were to try and use mini-nuke type weapons they keep talking about? Our soldiers on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan would suffer from the nukular fallout.

NOTHING that the lunatic far-right-wingnut warmongers and neocons say makes any sense anymore. There hasn't been a bright light bulb in that decrepit bunch for decades now.


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