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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pro Choice?

Take the Candidate Choice Test, it's issue based to match you up with the right candidate for your beleifs. So far the most popular candidate turns out to be Mike Gravel!

Of course, the reality is htye won't run Gravel and that we don't have a choice, at least via either head of the One Corporate Party. We don't have a choice unless we abandon the shell game and organize a real alternative. What do I mean? I think a "Save Our Society" convention needs to be called with input allowable via the internet to make it as open as possible. We need to write down and stick to a progressive agenda and name candidates to run for President and VP for among the most recognizable and trustworthy leaders of our progressive movement, and we need to unite behind this new SOS party. What if we don't win? I beleive we will win but even if we don't, we will achieve much in showing that we are a force that can't be taken for granted and must be reckoned with. We should also follow up with state by state efforts and really build an alternative that will struggle effectively for working class democracy against the corporated dictatorship. I think America is ready and let's face it, time is running out.


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