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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Spectre is Haunting the Empire

I and many others have long known that the economy on which US power rests is a house of cards built on lies and debt. A Spectre is haunting the empire as the first wave of panic hits in England and should be hitting us momentarily. As the subprime mortgage crisis of overextension collapses it may very well take the rest of this scam-based monstrosity down with it. What impact this has on the neocon war machine remains to be seen but if the economy falls hard enough on a population already angry and reeling from right-wing extremism, it will no doubt further radicalize many and feed the movement for working class democracy. No radical break happens as long as a system works -- even if it works badly. If the bottom drops out and money is suddenly worthless, a nation of slaves can become a nation of revolutionaries. We need to have things in place for people to find support and guidance. We may face barbarism, martial law and outright fascism but it could also be the birth pangs of a new and better world.


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