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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Independent Run vs Electoral Boycott

I have been pushing for us to unite around not only an alternative candidacy but an alternative platform that reflects populism, honesty, accountability and progressive values. I doubt that this will happen. I know I will not vote for a Clinton or Obama and have often pointed out that the wolf is better than the wolf in sheep's clothes for two major reasons: Firstly, the wolf in disguise (the Dem) will do much of the same in following a corporate, anti-people agenda. Secondly, they will be under constant attack by the right and any progressive movement will fall apart as not to join the right in their attack. Clinton or Giuliani? Who cares? Better the obvious fasciRather than just not showing ust as far as building a real movement. On that note, an article advocating an electoral boycott, while troubling, makes some sense. If we aren't going to buy into the selection and expose it by running a complete independent ticket, maybe better to boycott the whole sham. Rather than just not showing up, a boycott would be a more effective statement if we went to the polls in record numbers and cast blank ballots in protest.


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