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Friday, November 09, 2007

Hard Times Comin'

Expect Christmas to be pushed harder than usual. The economy is in the pits as the dollar tanks and all the photo-ops of shills voicing "confidence" aren't going to save it. US capitalism, long in decay, is collapsing and the paper tiger of American Empire will crumble as well. What does this mean for us, the regular working stiffs? Hard times. Our hard earned pittance buys less and less. Expect the landlords and creditors to get vicious as they try to maintain their parasitic lifestyles. We are already well on the road to fascism here and the fascist state may well be fully unleashed to keep order as things deteriorate. People out of work with rents overdue and hungry bellies can be unruly and Blackwater thugs will not be unemployed.

The good news is that out of such collapse come organized communities and the possibility of building a more sustainable, publicly owned and managed infrastructure. The only things that can save us from utter barbarism and fascism in the wake of a collapsed system are our unified resistance and mutual defense against fascist tyranny and the building of a hands-on, grassroots working class democracy. That takes class solidarity. We have met the solution and it is us -- united for each other.


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