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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Voting While Ignorant -- An American Plague

It's that day again. The first Tuesday in November is traditionally the day when most Americans engage mass self injury. One of the greatest problems in this country is the tendency toward Voting While Ignroant. This is far more dangerous than driving while drunk or juggling loaded firearms. Pulling that lever under the influence of uneducated gut feelings can cause not only serious injury to ones own interests but can have deadly consequences for millions.

This doesn't seem to matter for National Elections in the US as they are rigged and predetermined by our corporate ruling class. Local elections, however are still, for the most part, a loaded gun in the hands of the unducated and often misled masses, many who suffer from wrong class perspective and other delusionary thought disrders influenced by nationalism, religious obscurantism, bigotry and hypertestosterone poisoning. So beware citizens! Educate yourself on the issues before you step into that booth and make sure you are aware of your class interests so you don't fall for those trick sound bytes meant to fool you. One way to prepare is to subscribe to progresive papers like the People's Weekly World.


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