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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who's Next?

I've been remiss in posting recently as family issues have kept me away. I note with sadness and anger the destruction and disposal of Jose Padilla, an American citizen declared an "enemy combatant" by presidential decree sans evidence and tortured for over a year based on a lie. Now that the original charge has been dropped he has been sentenced to another 17 years though his mind is all but destroyed. Who's next? I haven't heard the outcome but a brave bunch or fellow activists have been in front of a very angry judge and prosecutor again today for their demonstration at Blackwater headquarters (see below posting). Law is based on precedent and the whim of judges, most of whom have been appointed by a fascist cabal passing themselves off as "conservatives." Recently, torture has become more legally acceptable and resistance to it less so. On this MLK day we should be aware that he would more than likely be declared a terrorist and subject to the kind of barbaric treatment this country specializes in were he alive and active today. We must not give in to fear because as Germans learned the hard way, ignoring what happens to others and trying to play it safe doesn't work. Only unity and massive resistance to fascist tyranny can defeat it. They can't Padilla all of us!


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