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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Capiatlism Stupid

Ideologues of the so-called "free-market" are known to rave against any regulation as an intrusion on the free flow of business and the magic of those invisible hands, the ones most of us feel tightening on our necks. The vilest curses fly whenever government programs are involved with the constant accusation of "socialism" being the norm, How their tune changes when reality sets in! Apparently it is OK for the debts of the wealthiest, earned through theft and blunder, to be socialized at our expense. We weren't invited to the party (in fact it was at our expense) but we will be subsidizing the clean-up.

We can do better. It's time to replace the system of theft known as capitalism. If we are going to subsidize anything, let us subsidize each other. Instead of paying to keep a wealthy class temporarily afloat so they can exploit us further, lets put our money and efforts into building a sustainable, accountable, non-market based system based on a rational approach to serving the public.

We can start by using that money to create national projects to build a new national power-grid using alternative energy, restoring infrastructure, and rebuilding a nationalized rail system. This will also create good jobs. We can save a great deal of money by bringing our troops home and closing our bases overseas. We can enhance our security by nationalizing banks, healthcare, education, and big industries like pharmaceuticals, steel, agriculture and mining.

The options are clear -- an era of depression and decline or a time of rebuilding and ascension.


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