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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Moment To Savor

Savoring the Moment

This is a moment
for the blare of horns in the night
for fireworks and guns
shooting the sky
in poor neighborhoods long ignored
by everyone but the police
time for hosannas
and poetry time
for tears and laughter
time to breathe a little easier
with a hope not felt for years.

Let the first glimmer
of a new dawn
illuminate the faces, the
memory of those who didn't
make it here
as the long night recedes
at least a little bit --

Let the nightmare of
Patriot acts and torture cells
of "rendition" and war
be broken
Let Justice roll down
an unstoppable deluge
washing away the
murderers and liars,
the cynical imperialists and
all the parasitic hucksters of misery
leaving in its wake
a new topography on which to build
that tomorrow
we have all dreamt of

It is a great moment to realize that after so long we have a President with intelligence, a visionary and even better, a visionary with the brown skin which has been a stigma in this country for so long. Let this historic sweep be seen as what it is, the repudiation of the fascist/neocon ideology of hate, racism and imperialism, of nationalism, Evangelical repression and fear. Yes We Did!

Before he has the chance to disappoint us let us savor the hope he embodies and the progress he symbolizes. However bad he may be, he will be a great improvement. There is hope for us yet. I drank myself sober last night expecting the worst in time to cry listening to his victory speech. One more time for all of us.


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