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Saturday, November 08, 2008

The Real Willam Ayers Speaks Out

As the refuse of the election season is swept away like used confetti the Republicans left in the fuhrerbunker are in damage control mode. Moderate Repugs are spreading stories further discrediting Sarah Palin to prevent her return as the more reactionary base stews in their own hatred.

The Republicans are in tatters after running the worst campaign in history -- a campaign based on increasingly ridiculous accusations against Obama replete with racism and red-baiting. A big part of this involved every attempt to link Obama first to Black nationalism via the Rev. Wright, then to 60's radicalism via William Ayers, and finally to Palestinians (returning to anti-Muslim prejudices) via Rashid Khalidi. That all of their lies, bigotry and dirty politics failed adds to the victory and repudiation of the right. Still, the slander lives on and has victims so it is good to read what William Ayers has to say. The truth of his wise words again rips apart the lies of the radical right and their two-dimensional version of reality.


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