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Saturday, May 16, 2009

What Change?

As the video below shows, we do not now have a government any more responsive or representative of us than we had under the Bush/Cheney administration. Don't expect health care from these contemptuous, corporate-beholden pigs. In other areas, Obama is continuing the Bush era policies of bailing out banks at home and of destabilization and outright murder of civilians around the world and especially in Pakistan. While it felt good to hear Obama assert that the US doesn't torture (just as Bush once did), it's still a lie as brutal torture in Guantanamo, Bagram, and elsewhere continues. As does censorship of abuse and so-called "military tribunals." So, where is the vaunted "change" we were sold? As the economy continues to slide into deeper depression many of us are desperately asking for change and as our desperation turns to anger, I expect the Obama administration will enforce order and strengthen the National Security State. Change inevitably will come from below but as the real nature of the new leadership unfolds, it is increasingly apparent that they are not the change we were hoping for and are, in fact, a continuation of the same rotten corporatocracy.


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