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Sunday, August 16, 2009

President Obama a Caveman?

With a record of caving in to the pentagon on Guantanamo and Iraq, Obama is now caving in to the insurance industry and Republican goons squads in writing of any public health care option. Co-ops won't do it for those of us who are unemployed or too economically stretched. His constant repetition of the term "affordable" insurance is naive at best and cynical at worst. If he doesn't want to blow his base of support and be known as a caveman who caves to every corporate special interest; if he doesn't want to be seen as another Clintonite Republican mole who can't or won't stand up to the extreme right, he'd better rethink his position. Nothing less than a single payer public option, whether it be an extension of Medicare or an independent system is satisfactory. Is it any coincidence that the caveman has become an insurance industry icon? It's time we move beyond the stone age and join the civilized world in providing health care as a basic right.


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