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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Tempest in a Teabag

Most of us want healthcare. Most, about 70% polled want public health care. Many of us demand a Single Payer System like that enjoyed by the rest of the civilized world.

Thus far, President Obama is offering much less than that. Still, townhall meeting organized to explain the paltry, sold out offering of insurance reform are drawing rabid goon squads like flies to carrion. What gives? Is this real citizen action or astroturf?

Who are the sponsors behind these protests?
Freedomworks founded by former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey with support from Bristol Meyers.

Americans for Prosperity Also called the "Heathcare Freedom Coalition" funded by Big Oil interests or the "Health Benefits Coalition" led by the National Federation of Independent Business and included the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Health Benefits Coalition in reality got the lion’s share of its funding and guidance from the big insurance companies and their trade associations.

So once again, these proto-fascist teabaggers are being unleashed like hounds by thier corporate handlers.

We too need to be heard on this issue demanding Single Payer health care as at least an option. Flood your misrepresentatives with support for real health care and show up at local townhall meetings!


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