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Friday, October 30, 2009

There's the Rub

I apologize to any who follow this blog for my absence. I'm sick. I'm hurting. I am without insurance but I did manage through the good graces of my old physician to be seen for a bacterial infection. Unfortunately he gave me Cipro and I had a bad reaction. In my case this mean a whole lot of agonizing pain in my arms legs, feet and hands. with breaks from the pain from hydrocodone which I fear will run out before the pain.

In the mean time (and I do mean MEAN), what I notice about both the lousy Health Care Bills in Congress is that the bastards still want to keep it tied to employment. Never mind that jobs are drying up faster than spilt whiskey in August, if you aren't employed, you are suplus population and can go ahead and die! Few of the bourgoise jackasses in either wing of Congress have ever worked for wages, or else they would know that to get insurance, having a job isn't even enough. It must be Full-Time to qualify for benefits and you know damn well that full-time work is even harder to find and keep for that very reason. Thierin lies the rub and the fatal flaw that makes anything short of a Medicare type single-payer plan absolute and useless bullshit. A cruel sham at best.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

An Issue of Life & Death

As a presently ill and uninsured American (from losing my job) a appreciate Kieth Olbermann breaking it down on Health Care Reform:

Saturday, October 03, 2009

So What About ACORN?

The chorus of voices on the right and in the media are continuing to libel ACORN, the grassroots activist group known for fighting for livable wages, affordable housing and, most notoriously, voter registration. It seems suspicious enough that Carl Rove, not to mention other Republican leaders would have the umittigated audacity to charge anyone with voter fraud given their own records. Many wonder what truth is. Rachel Maddow begins to address it here -- hard to believe, I know, but it looks like another right-wing attack led by phony corporate fronts . . .