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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Israel Myths Exposed

Miko Peled, author of "General's Son, and Israeli peace activist exposes the 3 myths of Israeli history. Peled represents and speaks for the best of the Jewish people in speaking the truth, calling for justice, and condemning the cancer that is Zionism.


For any Jew,
for any of us honest enough
to admit it
Israel is our dream
turned to nightmare

I remember as a child
the dream trees planted
in a desert made lush
That dreamland of the imagination
where all were Jews
in the absence of
the taunting hatreds
and stones thrown with
the stinging recriminations
I knew too well

A dreamland of traditions
where only wisdom and love
would fill the air
where justice walked with mercy
where we could all be
free to live
and heal

A beautiful dream that,
if somewhat misguided,
ran aground on the
stony shore of reality

For any Jew
honest enough to
see clearly
and admit it
has become our
ultimate nightmare

A place of hatreds
and thrown stones
of epithets and oppression
our own hands turning
to monsters
the poison of nationalism
and hubris that stalked us
for a millennium of bloody nights
we now claim as our own

Justice and mercy
who have we become?

How many mikvahs
will cleanse us now?
Can we ever heal and become
who we were who

we should be?
How long must we
wander bent
in rent rags
and ashes How long
a shiva
for each vile act?
for each murder?

How can we begin
to heal what we have
injured lest
the seeds of hate planted
in that desert
bloom into a future
that will entangle us
for generations

Where do we begin
or is it
too late?

-- Al Markowitz


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