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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Who are the 99%?

We are, we are beyond anger, and we're taking it to the streets!
Believe me, my story would echo the rest. Though I manage a not-for-profit-press it is truly non-profit. I lost my last job over three years ago and with it my insurance, I'm over 55 and have a hernia that limits what I can do. Meanwhile the economy is comatose, jobs are disappearing and increasingly degrading and low-wage and the richest are getting richer by the day. Our country has been taken over by a venal corporate oligarchy and is headed toward fascism. In short, capitalism is killing us. It's run it's bloody course and has nothing left to offer but distopian feudalism and death -- on a global scale. Join the occupations, the time has come to crush the beast!


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