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Monday, January 28, 2013

Anonoymous Strikes Back At The Empire

Anonymous takes down US Sentencing Commission website

Hacking collective threatens to make public classified material and that when Aaron Swartz killed himself 'a line was crossed'

Hacktivist group Anonymous said Saturday it had hijacked the website of the US Sentencing Commission in a brazen act of cyber-revenge for the death of internet freedom advocate Aaron Swartz.

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From the persecution of Whistle blowers instead of torturers compounded by the immunity from prosecution of Wall Street thieves to the Prosecution of cyber protesters the rule of law has been turned on its head in defense of an increasingly fascist, capitalist National Security State.

While many of us do not have the skills to be hackers or the access to inside information to make public, we all suffer the consequences of a top-heavy system of corruption which robs us daily not only of our ability to make a living but of our future and that of life on earth.

The struggle for freedom and for life itself must no doubt escalate as the Empire metastasizes, becoming ever more intrusive and oppressive. That struggle takes many forms from online petitions to Occupations to national protests and Hactivism.


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