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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Past the Tipping Point

Beyond understanding how small and fragile a world we live in and how tenuous and questionable our survival realizing the reality puts many things in context. Ask any survivor of cancer. As with the moon landing, this realization can serve as a paradigm shift in our consciousness: in how we see ourselves and each other. Let's face it, national loyalties, partisan conflicts, cultural differences, class struggles and military competitions all seem irrelevant in the face of extinction.

Rather than becoming depressed about the state of the planet and our odds, we can savor what we have while we have it. Maybe it will help us to realize that we are all more than family. We, and all the living creatures on earth, are cells in the larger organism of our small living planet's biosphere. Like the cells in our body, cooperation is vital to survival. We are truly one. All we have in the universe is each other. In realizing that oneness, we can live fuller lives with compassion and authenticity. We can honestly and openly be ourselves shedding those phoney pretenses donned for the sake of careers or social acceptance. In doing so, we can find personal peace and we may even reach some kind of enlightenment that vindicates our existence and makes the human experiment somehow worth the effort.


At 11:19 AM, Blogger k-dog said...

My emotions scream to agree with you. But do the emotions of others scream with the same voice? I hope so but I think not. Unless their is a movement of like-minded demanding a shedding of irrelevance and making togetherness and lifestyle change a creed vital for our survival that can induce others to feel the same way for their own private social acceptance we can't solve our problems. Not everyone has an epiphany or a paradigm shift in consciousness. Most of us need to be shown the way.

Let us hope your post and my comments and the rag tag army of like-minded people who want a better life for our world and society can ignite a spark to get a movement like that started.

If not we may be doomed.


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