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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Beyond the Tipping Point

Scientists agree, we have passed the environmental tipping point of global warming and have entered a new era. They are stressing the absolute necessessity of government actions to do what is needed to moderate the effects of global warming and to maintin civilization given the impending failure of agriculture and rising sea levels. There is little time to act but we of course have another problem. We have the idiocy of a neocon dictatorship.

Have we yet reached the tipping point needed to get rid of the creeps that have led our nation and the world to disaster? True, the consequences of their lies are adding up but it's not enough. They will surely lead us to a worse disaster than we and our children and their children, and thier children can live with. We have a responsibility not only to our selves and the world but to the future to get rid of this administration and all of its backers and soon.

This must be our mission -- failure is not an option.


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